Fake Laughing

Graphic T-Shirt, Shorts, Sandals, Watch, Purse: Old Kate Spade Saturday. Similar.

If you think that I am fake laughing in the picture above… you are correct.  I’m not super comfortable with the whole picture taking/posing part of blogging so I guess you’ll just have to deal with fake laughing or contemplative looking to the side pictures. I give you permission to make fun of me.  You’re welcome.

I recently traveled with the shorts in this picture and I realized how badly they wrinkle.  I can really only get one wear out of them before they are a wrinkled mess.  And this is where doing the capsule wardrobe is changing my approach to my wardrobe.  In the past, I would have gone out and just purchased a few more shorts like this in the pursuit of trying to find the “perfect” jogger short.  Now, I’m choosing to accept the fact that they are not perfect and to be content with what I currently have. Lesson learned: next time, I’ll pay attention to how material wears when I build my capsule.  Having an intentional hiatus from shopping helps eliminate my tendency to get rid of a bunch of clothing and then fill my closet with just as much (if not more) new clothing.  I’m creating a new normal of less and that’s a beautiful thing.  Do you have any clothing items that you regret adding to your capsules? 

Until next time,