Lunch Date

Chambray, Striped Tank Top: Old Madewell. Similar, Black Jeggings, Converse, CoralNecklace

You’ve probably noticed a trend in my outfits by now.  I am ALL about comfort and I pretty much follow the same formula every day.  With that said, I can already tell that I made some mistakes when putting this capsule together and it’s largely because I deviated from my “formula” in some areas.  But you know what? I’m learning that mistakes are okay (hard to admit for this perfectionist).  Over time, I imagine that I will get better at putting a capsule together and my style will become even more defined, but I don’t think it’s possible to have a perfect capsule. Don’t feel like you have to be in the perfect place to start a truncation process.  Start where you are and do what works for you.  Be creative!  The point is not to rigidly follow a set of rules, but to learn to live with less in a way that makes sense for you.   

I’d love to hear how you are approaching your capsules.  Post your methods below; let’s learn from each other!

Until next time,

*Photos taken by my sis Lindsey Bressert.