Traveling Capsule: Long Weekend

White Graphic T: Old Zara. Similar, White Swing Tank: Old Gap. Similar, Grey Hoodie: Old Forever 21. Similar, Black Lace Tank: Thrifted. Similar, Black Linen Shorts, Boyfriend Jeans: Old American Eagle. Similar, Black “Birkenstocks”, Black Heels, Red Clutch: Thrifted. Similar, Cognac Tote.

This past weekend was the first time I traveled with a capsule wardrobe.  We spent a long weekend in St. Louis so I thought that I would create a collage of what I packed.  I have always been a chronic over packer.   I mean what if it rains, snows and is hot and humid all in the same weekend?? Has that ever happened? No. But, gosh darn it I’ll be prepared if it does.  With that being said, it was extremely refreshing to pack so light.  I felt way under packed before I left, but this was the perfect amount of clothing to bring.  Between me and my daughter I was able to fit everything into one small duffel bag.  I’d call that a success. #insertfistbumphere

We were in St. Louis to attend the memorial service for my dear Grandmother who passed away in early May.  I have an extremely hard time sharing my feelings and usually use humor as a defense mechanism, but I feel like this is a space where I’d like to encourage vulnerability.  With that said, I’ve experienced some heavy heartache this year.  My daughter was born at the end of November and three weeks later we attended the funeral of my Grandma.  Then only five short months later my other Grandma passed away.  It’s been a lot to process and I have a hard time believing they are gone.  They were both amazing ladies that will be leaving big shoes to fill.  I love that I see myself in both of them.  My ability to end up in crazy situations and my love of fashion come from my Grandma Lou and my strong will and tenacity come from my Grandma B.  There was never a dull moment when those ladies were around and I will miss them like crazy.  So… here’s to you Grandma Lou and Grandma B.  I look forward to seeing you again someday.

 Until next time,

*Professional Photos taken by Matt Lien Photography.*