Summer 2015 Capsule Wardrobe

Finally the fun part!  This capsule took about a month of serious whittling until I came up with the 40 items pictured below.  I did not mean to end up with a round number, but I think it’s a great place to start. One thing to mention is that some of the images below are representations of clothing items that I own. A lot of the clothes are older, but I wanted to give you options just in case you wanted to add some of these items to your very own capsule. I feel like I should apologize for the lack of color, but I can’t.  Ask anyone that knows me and they will tell you that monochromatic is my jam. Although I'm pretty proud of the green wedges I included.  We'll see how many wears I get out of them. On that note… without further ado:

White T-ShirtSave or SpendWhite Graphic T-ShirtSave or Spend or SplurgeWhite Tank TopSave or SpendWhite Sleeveless BlouseSave or SpendWhite Button DownSave or SpendGrey HoodieSave or SpendGrey Tank TopSave or SpendGrey T-ShirtSave or SpendGrey Peplum TopSave or SpendGingham Sleeveless BlouseSpend or SplurgeStriped SweatshirtSave or SplurgeStriped Tank TopSave or SplurgeStriped Graphic T-ShirtSpendBlack BlouseSave or SpendBlack Lace Sleeveless TopSave or SpendChambray Button DownSave or SpendJean Jacket: Save or SpendPink Tank TopSave or SpendCream CardiganSave or Spend

White Jean ShortsSave or SpendLight Wash Jean ShortsSave or SpendGrey Jogger ShortsSave or SpendDark Wash Jean ShortsSave or SpendBlack Linen ShortsSave or SpendChambray SkirtSpendGrey Midi DressSave or SpendStriped Sun DressSave or SpendBlack RomperSave or SpendBlack Maxi DressSave or Spend or Just for Fun Because I Love itBoyfriend JeansSave or SpendHigh Wasted JeansSave or SpendBlack JeggingsSave or Spend

Cognac SandalsSave or SpendConverse SneakersSave or SpendBlack D’Orsay FlatsSave or SpendChacosSave or SpendGreen WedgesSave or SpendBlack “Birkenstock” SandalsSave or SpendBlack Gladiator SandalsSave or SpendBlack HeelsSave or Spend

As I mentioned above, most of these clothes where items I already owned.  The biggest thing for me to purchase this time around was shorts.  Last summer I was pregnant and I definitely don't fit into the shorts from the summer before that (were my hips really that size before getting pregnant??).  However... confession time: the light wash jeans in my capsule are totally pregnancy shorts.  Mama's got to do what Mama's got to do.  Also, I may have made a mistake in adding the white shorts. Time will tell... I have already spilled chili on them, sat on chocolate, and most recently my six month old pooped on them. 

The area I struggled the most in whittling was in the shoe department.  Surprisingly, I have a lot of emotional connections to some of my sandals.  I've had several pairs for over ten years and I honestly do still love them.  However, I didn't feel like they were a necessary part of my wardrobe so they were truncated.  The exception is my beloved pair of Chacos.  I bought them my junior year of college right before I traipsed around South America for three and a half months and they have been faithful companions ever since.  

I didn't have a set budget this go around.  I'm still working out exactly what I want that to look like for future capsules.  The only things that I felt were missing from my capsule once it started to come together were the striped sweatshirt, white button down, and cream cardigan.  Everything else I already owned.  

This is an outrageously long post so we will leave it there for now before your scrolling finger gets a cramp.  Starting next week I will be showing you different ways of styling all of these pieces.  I should definitely put out a disclaimer that I am NOT a stylist… for real. I have major limitations in that area.  If you’re looking for something a bit more professional, check out my sister’s blog She’s all kinds of professional. 

If you’re looking for even more inspiration, follow me on social media.  I’ll be posting daily #ootd’s. You can find links under my photo at the top right of the page.

Until next time,